What we do

Custom Google Cardboards

Looking for a customized Google Cardboard with your company logo that you can mail to your clients? We’ve got you COVRed! We offer a complete Google Cardboard design service and delivery. COVR Cardboards are laminate coated for a sleek presentation and come pre-folded in an easy-to-mail giftbox. All you have to do is pop them up! They are light, durable and include high-quality, extra-large viewing lenses. Impress your clients with a memorable VR experience bearing your own personal brand.


Do you have a virtual project in mind that you want to bring to life for your clients? COVR offers custom 3D rendering that can be adapted to VR and Google Cardboard format. We specialize in high-resolution renders of interior and exterior spaces and are always open to trying new things. Have a project in mind? Contact us and let’s see what we can do!


Want to draw people into the heart of your story or event? 360-video is an innovative way to capture your clients’ attention and create memorable experiences that can easily be shared online and via social media. COVR uses a professional 360-camera to help you create your story and provides the web infrastructure to share it.

Fully-immersive VR Experiences

Interested in fully immersive, state-of-the-art immersive VR technology? We at COVR don’t have all the resources to do it ourselves, but we know people who can help. We have a strong network of VR professionals who could help us create a customized fully immersive VR experience tailored to your needs. Have an idea? Let’s talk!

Full Service VR Solutions

New to VR marketing and 360 technology? No problem! We can also help you develop your story and integrate it into your existing marketing strategy. We offer full-service design, rendering, storytelling and custom Cardboard packages to take your visual marketing to the next level.

Onsite VR Demonstrations

Once we’ve created your VR experience, we can help you show it off to your clients at trade shows, conferences and private events. We love VR and enjoy sharing the fun with others! We offer live demonstrations and VR assistance, so that you can focus on other aspects of your event.